We are a team of artists, designers and craftsmen located primarily in Maine and North Carolina.

We design and build goods that are right for our daily lives. And we think they will be right for yours too.

Our commitment to sustainable and green manufacturing means we use ApplePly (FSC certified, formaldehyde free) hardwood plywood and PolyWhey Natural Furniture Finish. We don’t want to work with nasty chemicals and you probably don’t want them in your home.

The Purely Collection

We needed a chair that could pack and ship completely flat (3/4″ when folded) and still be suitable for everyday use in a home or office. We couldn’t find one. So we made it ourselves. Over the course of three years we refined the design, added a desk and worked out some kinks. We think the result is something special. Attractive, unique, durable and practical. The Purely Collection.

The Purely Collection is great for small spaces or for anyone who wants clean and simple design that doesn’t sacrifice style and comfort.

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